Dr. Elke Gryglewski, Director

Elke Schöndube, Secretary to the Director


Staff, Marie-Joelle Ollesch

Beatrice Walendy, Memorial Trips/Administration

IT Coordination

Martin Bein, IT Coordination

Christian Raesse, IT Administration

Stephanie Billib, Press and Public Relations

Till Amelung, Events Management for the Bergen-Belsen Memorial

“Competence against antiziganism/antiromaism” project (KogA)

Bernd Grafe-Ulke, Project Management

Marion Seibel, Events/Organisation/Administration

Project FERMAN - A documentation and education project on the genocide against the Yazidis

Dr. Leyla Ferman, Project Management

Diana Gring, Project Management

Isabell Leverenz, Administration and Documentation

Silvia Rathmann, Documentation

Najlaa Matto, Project Assistant

Charlotte Trottier, Scientific Trainee