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History online

The “Geschichte.Bewusst.Sein.” education portal provides an overview of the educational offers available at memorials in Lower Saxony that deal with the history and consequences of National Socialism. It is run by the Lower Saxony Memorials Foundation and brings together information about regional sites of learning and the Foundation’s own educational projects. The portal is designed especially for educators from schools and other institutions. It aims to help foster a critical awareness of history in society.

The “Neu gestalten” blog provides extensive information about the redesign of the Wolfenbüttel Prison Memorial, which will be completed in 2018 when the memorial is expanded to include a new, freely accessible building with a new permanent exhibition on the topic of “Justice and the Penal System”.

The blog “70 Tage Gewalt, Mord, Befreiung. Das Kriegsende in Niedersachsen” is a joint project from 2015 that was coordinated by the Lower Saxony Memorials Foundation and involved memorials, initiatives and individuals from Lower Saxony. Over the course of 70 days, from 27 February to 8 May – the anniversary of the end of World War II in Europe – it describes events that happened exactly 70 years earlier. The articles highlight examples of crimes committed in the final days of the war by members of the SS, Gestapo, police, army, and people’s militia as well as civilians. The authors also depict the situation of prisoners held in camps and other penal institutions shortly before and after their liberation.

Participants in the international project known as History begins in the family...  search for traces of families in history and history in families. The focus is on the years 1933 to 1945, which were shaped largely by National Socialism and World War II. Detailed information is available on the project's quadrilingual website

With the exception of the Summer school and History begins in the family..., these pages are only available in German language.