Digital accesses to the history

Digital terrain guide

The memorial has been working on the development of digital accesses to the history of this place for several years. In 2012, during the 60th anniversary of the memorial in cooperation with the SPECS research group of Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona, the temporary space installation 'Here: Space of Memory' and the sound installation 'There: Echoes of Memory' were created.

The 3D reconstruction, which was the core of the videoloop, was then developed into a tablet application as a terrain guide, inviting the visitor to explore the terrain of the former camp itself and thus to open up. Since 2014, this instrument has been used regularly for pedagogic use and has also become useful for individual visitors at the weekend.

Memory in the digital age: Links to specs-lab
“Here: Bergen-Belsen, Space of Memory” (2012)
The Sound installation (2012-)