Bergen-Belsen International Summer School 2017

"Memory in the digital age"

The fourth Bergen-Belsen International Summer School, which will take place at the Bergen-Belsen Memorial from the 31st of July until the 6th of August 2017, will deal with memory and remembrance in a comparative perspective. We aim to gather international Master and PhD students from different disciplines, but with a particular interest in topics in Holocaust-, Genocide- and Memory Studies. The programme will consist of lectures, workshops, tours of the Memorial and an excursion to Hanover.


During the Summer School, we want to offer the participants the opportunity to both learn more about the specifics of Holocaust remembrance at the Bergen-Belsen Memorial and discuss various topics related to Comparative Genocide- and Memory studies. We will focus on questions such as:

What perspectives and experiences do visitors of memorials bring along and how does this influence their perception of a historical site?
Does competitive victimhood play a role in remembrance and if so, to what extent?
How and in what context could or should we compare mass atrocities?
What are different strategies of transitional justice and how successful have they proven to be?
What are the challenges and opportunities of social media in educational work at memorials?

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