Wolfenbüttel Prison Memorial

In 1937, one of two central execution sites for northern Germany was established in the Wolfenbüttel prison. By the end of the war, the Nazis had executed over 600 prisoners there.

The memorial in what is today the Wolfenbüttel correctional facility features two permanent exhibitions and one travelling exhibition which document the development of the Nazi judiciary and penal system. The memorial’s staff carries out research into the history of the Nazi judiciary and the fate of its victims, particularly on behalf of the relatives of former prisoners and prisoners who were executed.

The educational programme at the memorial includes seminars and guided tours, project days for schools and other educational institutions, and continuing education events for teachers, judges, public prosecutors and trainee solicitors, among others. Teaching materials and collections of historical documents relating to specific topics are provided so that programme participants can prepare for and follow up on their visit to the memorial.

Due to the security restrictions governing the correctional facilities in Lower Saxony, individual visitors and groups are requested to register prior to their planned visit to the Wolfenbüttel Prison Memorial.

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