The Foundation is based in Celle. It also has offices at the Bergen-Belsen Memorial and the Wolfenbüttel Prison Memorial. Celle is the location of

  • the Director’s office, the central administration for all of the Foundation’s operations, and the Publications, Press, Communications and Development department;
  • the Lower Saxony Memorials Development department, which is responsible for funding projects at memorials and remembrance initiatives as well as trips to memorials;
  • the Documentation Office for the History of Persecution and Resistance in Lower Saxony, 1933-1945.

Governing Bodies

The Foundation’s governing bodies are the Foundation Board and the Director. The Chair of the Foundation Board is Frauke Heiligenstadt, Lower Saxony Minister for Culture and Education. Dr Jens-Christian Wagner has been Director of the Foundation since 1 September 2014.


The Foundation has an Advisory Board as well as various committees appointed by the Foundation Board to advise the Foundation’s governing bodies.


The Lower Saxony Memorials Foundation receives financial support from the federal state of Lower Saxony. Since 2009, the Bergen-Belsen Memorial has received proportional funding from the German Federal Commissioner for Culture and the Media.

  • Foundation Board

    Foundation Board

    The Board approves the Foundation’s charter, its budget and staff appointment schemes, its rules of procedure and salary regulations as well as the appointment of the Director. The Board may also make decisions on other matters. It monitors the management of the Foundation and approves the annual accounts and the discharge of the management pursuant to section 7 of the Lower Saxony Memorials Foundation Act.

    The members of the Foundation’s Board are:

    • Frauke Heiligenstadt, Lower Saxony Minister for Culture and Education, Chairwoman
      (Deputy: Permanent Secretary Erika Huxhold)
    • Heinz Rolfes (CDU member of the Lower Saxony State Parliament)
      (Deputy: Hans-Heinrich Ehlen)
    • Björn Försterling (FDP member of the Lower Saxony State Parliament)
      (Deputy: Almuth von Below-Neufeldt)
    • Christoph Bratmann (SPD member of the Lower Saxony State Parliament)
      (Deputy: Dr. Silke Lesemann)
    • Heiner Scholing (Bündnis 90/Die Grünen member of the Lower Saxony State Parliament)
      (Deputy: Elke Twesten)
    • Dieter Münzebrock (Wolfenbüttel prison/Lower Saxony Ministry of Justice)
      (Deputy: Christine Meyer)
    • Hans-Jürgen Berger (Lower Saxony Ministry of Finance)
      (Deputy: Ulrich Haselhoff)
    • Sabine Deres (Secretary at the Federal Commission for Culture and the Media)
      (Deputy: Kristina Krause-Junk)
    • Michael Fürst (Lower Saxony Federation of Jewish Communities)
      (Deputy: Marina Jalowaja)
    • Sam Bloch (World Federation of Bergen-Belsen Associations, Chairman of the Foundation’s Advisory Board)
      (Deputy: Elke Zacharias, Association of Memorials and Remembrance Initiatives in Lower Saxony, Deputy Chairwoman of the Foundation’s Advisory Board)  

    The following members of the Advisory Board attend the Board meetings in an advisory capacity: 

    • Janine Marx-Moyse
    • Dietmar Sedlaczek (Association of Memorials and Remembrance Initiatives in Lower Saxony)
    • Christel Trouvé (Fondation pour la Mémoire de la Déportation, France)
  • Director


    Dr Jens-Christian Wagner

    Tel. +49 (0) 5141-93355-11 (Office)

    Short biography

    • 1987-1995 Studied medieval and early modern history, geography and Romance languages in Göttingen and Santiago de Chile (M.A.),
    • 1996 Research assistant at the Peenemünde Museum, 1997-1999 earned doctorate in the framework of a research project (“Tat und Bild”) funded by the Volkswagen Foundation at the University of Göttingen (Chair of Dr Bernd Weisbrod),
    • 2000 Visiting scholar in the "Geschichte der Kaiser-Wilhelm-Gesellschaft im Nationalsozialismus” research project (Berlin),
    • 2001-2014 Director of the Mittelbau-Dora Concentration Camp Memorial, lecturer at the Universities of Göttingen and Halle,
    • Since 2014 Director of the Lower Saxony Memorials Foundation, lecturer at the Universities of Göttingen and Halle,
    • Research focus: history of National Socialism, especially forced labour and the concentration camps; politics of history after 1945.


  • Advisory Board

    Advisory Board

    The Advisory Board advises the Foundation’s Board on all matters of memorial work and historical research pursuant to section 9 of the Lower Saxony Memorial Foundation Act. Its members represent various survivors’ associations as well as other organisations, associations and foundations. 

    The members of the Foundation’s Advisory Board are:

    • Sam Bloch, World Federation of Bergen-Belsen Associations (USA) (Chairman)
      (Deputy: Menachem Z. Rosensaft)
    • Elke Zacharias, Association of Memorials and Remembrance Initiatives in Lower Saxony (Deputy Chairwoman)
      (Deputy: Hedwig Thelen)
    • Felix Bernard, Lower Saxony Catholic Office
      (Deputy: Oliver Böhmer)
    • Dr. Zsuzsa Misur, Hungarian Association of Former Bergen-Belsen Prisoners
      (Deputy: Tibor Feig)
    • Susanne Wald, Amicale Internationale de Neuengamme (AIN)
      (Deputy: Christine Eckel)
    • Sandra Donner, Wolfenbüttel city council
      (Deputy: Alexandra Hupp)
    • Rainer Hoffschildt, Association for Research into the History of Homosexual Life in Lower Saxony (VEHN)
      (Deputy: Thomas Wilde)
    • Marina Jalowaia, Lower Saxony Federation of Jewish Communities
      (Deputy: Michael Grünberg)
    • Prof. Dr. Hanns Jürgen Küsters, Konrad Adenauer Foundation
    • Manfred Böhmer, Lower Saxony Association of German Sinti and Roma
      (Deputy: Mr. Böhmer jr.)
    • Prof. Dr. Janine Marx-Moyse, Amicale des Anciens Déportés de Bergen-Belsen (France)
      (Deputy: Dr. Dominique Trimbur)
    • Peter Wanninger, Bergen-Belsen Working Group Association
      (Deputy: Elke von Meding)
    • Dariusz Pawloś, Polish Association of Former Bergen-Belsen Prisoners
      (Deputy: NN)
    • André Raatzsch, German Sinti and Roma Cultural Centre
      (Deputy: Frank Reuter)
    • Brigitte Deyda, Heinrich Böll Foundation
      (Deputy: Renee Steinhoff)
    • Rainer Prokop, Bergen town council
      (Deputy: Claudia Dettmar-Müller)
    • OLKR Andrea Radtke, Federation of Lutheran Churches in Lower Saxony
      (Deputy: OLKR Dr. Kerstin Gäfgen-Track)
    • Christa Reichwaldt, Rosa Luxemburg Foundation in Lower Saxony
      (Deputy: Volker Petran)
    • Jochevet Ritz-Olewski, Irgun Sh'erit Hapleta (Israel)

      (Deputy: Shraga Milstein)
    • Menachem Z. Rosensaft, Representative of people born in the Bergen-Belsen DP camp
      (Deputy: Jochevet Ritz-Olewski)
    • Dr. Dietmar Sedlaczek, Association of Memorials and Remembrance Initiatives in Lower Saxony
      (Deputy: Andreas Ehresmann)
    • Dr. Christel Trouvé, Fondation pour la Mémoire de la Déportation (Frankreich)
      (Deputy: NN)
    • Urban Überschär, Friedrich Ebert Foundation
      (Deputy: Franziska Schröter)
    • Sarah Vogel,  Bergen-Belsen project group in the Lower Saxony Youth Association
      (Deputy: Hans-Henning Tech)
    • Prof. Dr. Dr. Roland Zielke,  Friedrich Naumann Foundation
      (Deputy: Sylvia Bruns)


Commissions of experts advise the Foundation on various issues. The following three commissions are currently active: