“The Foundation shall help keep alive and pass on the knowledge of the historical events that took place between 1933 and 1945, in particular the history of persecution and resistance in what is today the state of Lower Saxony.”
Lower Saxony Memorials Foundation Act (18 November 2004), Paragraph 2, Section 1

The Lower Saxony Memorials Foundation is the link between state responsibility and civic engagement for researching the crimes of the Nazis and remembering their victims in Lower Saxony. The Foundation is responsible for managing the Bergen-Belsen Memorial and the Wolfenbüttel Prison Memorial and for supporting and advising other memorials and remembrance initiatives in Lower Saxony, particularly the Emsland Camps documentation centre and the memorials in Moringen, Salzgitter/Drütte, Sandbostel, Augustaschacht/Ohrbeck and Liebenau. The Foundation has a central documentation office which deals with the history of resistance and persecution in Lower Saxony from 1933 to 1945, and it offers grants for trips to memorials throughout Lower Saxony.